My 10-year Challenge…

Dr Mark Rehn - My Business Excellence Founder. . . to double the number of SMEs actively applying the essentials of Business Excellence (from the dismal 1% in 2016 to at least 2%) and hence increase the contribution of the massive SME sector to global productivity growth!

To date there has been no such low cost, on-line platform available to enable full Business Excellence to be implemented by an SME on a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) basis. Almost all of the 1% SME implementations currently underway have relied heavily on external consultants (including me) to bring about the changes. The vast majority of the other SMEs generally remain either unaware of the amazing net benefits of the approach, or perceive that engaging specialist consulting advice is simply too expensive for them to contemplate – even if the benefits of a consultant engagement were to far exceed the costs.

And so I have created the My Business Excellence platform to eliminate dependency on external consultant involvement. However, some SMEs still feel that they must have an external party to keep them on track and to ‘keep them honest’ throughout their implementation. In such cases, we encourage the subscribing SME to engage and involve an external consultant to act as their Pacemaker. Even then, the role of the external Pacemaker is pre-determined to reinforce the My Business Excellence methodology – and the number of Pacemaker days is kept to the absolute minimum for effective implementation. In such cases, even the combined costs of the Portal subscription plus the external Pacemaker engagement are far less than the costs of a traditional consultant-led implementation. The website contains a list of external Pacemakers that have been authorised to help.

My Background in Brief…


  • Born and educated in South Australia as a civil engineer, I spent my first 5 years of professional life designing bridges in Germany.
  • I then co-founded, managed and developed Aptech Australia, one of Australia’s leading management consultancies for 13 years – helping clients understand and implement best practices for running their businesses. During this time, we were contracted by the Australian Federal Government to first develop and then introduce the methodologies for World Competitive Manufacturing and for Total Quality Management into Australian and New Zealand companies.
  • After this consultancy firm was acquired by IBM in 1996, I held executive positions for IBM Global Services in Business Transformation, Strategic Partnering and Knowledge Management for Australia and New Zealand over 5 years.
  • I resigned from IBM in 2001 to practise as an independent management consultant, intent on helping SME clients pursue and implement business excellence.
  • In total, throughout my 37 year consulting career, I have worked with more than 1000 client organisations in Australia and New Zealand.
  • For 20 years I was an Associate Program Director at the Mt Eliza Centre for Executive Education (part of the Melbourne Business School) on the topic of how best to pursue and implement excellence in business. Recently I assisted SMEs implement Business Excellence via the national ‘Leadership 21′ Program sponsored by Enterprise Connect on behalf of the Australian Federal Government – a program designed and delivered by a team of Mt Eliza specialists.
  • For the past decade, I have also been a prolific presenter for the international network of CEOs known as The Executive Connection (TEC) on the topic of “Implementing Business Excellence in Your SME – for maximum returns”.