• Keeping your strategic plan current

    Any strategic plan can quickly become out of date as business circumstances change. For this reason, many pundits suggest that strategic planning is dead. But they are dead wrong! Sound strategic planning is essential to the success of every business. It is the vehicle for determining which market segments to play in and how to win ...

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  • Free eBook: The 5 Master Steps

    Business Excellence Free eBook

    Free eBook: “The 5 Master Steps” sets out the prerequisites for successful implementation of Business Excellence in an SME / SMB The 5 Master Steps of our free eBook are… Shared Strategic Direction (everyone pulling the rope in the same direction) Process Design & Improvement (probably the best investment you’ll ever make) Performance Measurement & Feedback (getting what you measure – so measuring ...

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  • Global Opportunities for Top Management Consultants

    Global opportunities for management consultants to act as Pacemakers are available globally

    Global Opportunities for My Business Excellence PACEMAKERS Available now – global opportunities for top management consultants to become practitioners of the My Business Excellence B2B offering for their SME / SMB Clients. With only about 1% of SMEs currently reaping the immense benefits of proven Business Excellence techniques, it is time to change our traditional (and expensive) management consultant-led approach to Business Excellence implementations. ...

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  • Business Excellence Tools for SMEs / SMBs

    Business Excellence Tools for SMEs

    The 3 Categories of Business Excellence Tools Business Excellence tools for SMEs / SMBs are explained in 3 categories. First be clear on the desired outcome for your business and then choose carefully for most value. Some tools may be regarded as significant business improvement initiatives, including Lean Management, Six Sigma, Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Balanced Scorecard, Quality Management Systems (QMSs), ...

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  • How quickly can an SME / SMB implement Business Excellence?

    The fastest way to implement Business Excellence

    Implement Business Excellence 3 times faster than traditional approaches Provided an SME / SMB undertakes the recommended implementation steps within all 5 Prerequisites in the right sequence, the foundation for ongoing and ever-improving Business Excellence capability can be built within 1-2 years. It’s simple and costs little. And even within that first year, the quantified benefits will far ...

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  • Pacemaker Support for CEO Implementing Business Excellence

    As part of my preliminary market research two years ago, I asked a focus group of CEOs whether they would appreciate having online access to a complete set of detailed instructions and support tools for DIY implementation of Business Excellence. (It should be noted that every one of these CEOs was already familiar with my ...

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  • CEO Role in Business Excellence Implementation

    The CEO role is critical. I have yet to see a successful SME / SMB Business Excellence implementation led by other than the CEO. The CEO must become the ‘Excellence Leader’ and drive, not merely participate in, the implementation. CEO Role in Business Excellence Implementation – What not to do! Nothing kills an implementation faster than a ...

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  • Promoting Business Excellence – Government Role

    Governments throughout the world recognise the importance of the SME / SMB sector to their economies. And they do try to help with various initiatives aimed at making their SME / SMB sectors more competitive. But even after 40 years of proven net benefits for industry, Business Excellence is still not a high priority topic ...

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  • Game Changer: Business Excellence for SMEs / SMBs

    A ‘game changer’ solution is required for Business Excellence implementation that overcomes all of the common CEO excuses listed in my previous Post. Design criteria for Business Excellence implementation in SMEs / SMBs Having worked with 1,000 companies over the past 35 years using the traditional management consulting model, I concluded in 2012 that the new solution for SMEs ...

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  • Barriers to Entry for SMEs / SMBs regarding Business Excellence

    Business Excellence Barriers to Entry

    Barriers to entry for SMEs / SMBs currently abound in relation to their potential implementation of Business Excellence. Since the late 1950s, we have known that a well-structured approach to Business Excellence yields tremendous net benefits for an SME. That’s the good news. The bad news is that less than about 1% of SMEs globally are ...

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