Overview and Meaning of Business Excellence

Business excellence can mean different things for different types of businesses.

And whilst some may prefer to focus on those differences, the vast majority of enterprises and business improvements would agree on at least 8 fundamental concepts.

Business Excellence…

  1. Establishes the simple, common language necessary to effectively link all 5 Prerequisites for Business Excellence.
  2. Builds in the mechanisms necessary to get the whole organisation to buy-into the resultant inaugural version of the 3-year Strategic Plan.
  3. Develops an agreed, bold, yet achievable long-term Vision that drives every Strategic Objective.
  4. Has the emotional customer-focused VISION and all associated Strategic Objectives (≤ 7) required to change the business on 1 graphical page.
  5. Has the clinical ROLE description and all associated Key Business Processes and Key Support Processes required to run the business on 1 graphical page.
  6. Establishes everything needed to properly link the Strategic Plan to Prerequisite 2: Process Design & Improvement and to Prerequisite 3: Performance Measurement & Feedback.
  7. Has a set of Actions for each Strategic Objective complete with clear accountabilities and timing over the 3-year planning period.
  8. Uses standard templates and language that facilitate easy monitoring and updating of the Plan on a monthly basis via this secure on-line Portal.