Benefits of Process Design and Improvement

Process design and improvement has been recognised for more than 90 years as a major prerequisite for business excellence.

There’s a simple and compelling reason for this.

All work is done through processes.

More than 95% of your business processes are repetitive and the application of simple process design and improvement practices can deliver major benefits to your business.

  1. Results in tremendous net financial benefits to the bottom line.
  2. Directly improves customer satisfaction.
  3. Provides better work-life balance for all staff.
  4. Clarifies who is accountable for improving each and every Key Process of the business.
  5. Enables 1 BIG STEP process improvement per annum as well as >20 Small Step (fast) process improvements per annum.
  6. Via simple Quality Assurance steps, ensures that every process improvement becomes permanent!
  7. Simultaneously lays the foundation for the organisation’s Knowledge Management system (Prerequisite 4:  Knowledge Capture & Leverage).