About My Business Excellence®

To date, there has been no low cost, on-line platform available to enable full Business Excellence to be implemented by a SME on a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) basis.

Almost all of the 1% SME implementations currently underway have relied heavily on external consultants (including me) to bring about the changes. The vast majority of the other SMEs generally remain either unaware of the amazing net benefits of the approach, or perceive that engaging specialist consulting advice is simply too expensive for them to contemplate – even if the benefits of a consultant engagement were to far exceed the costs.

And so we initially created the My Business Excellence online platform to eliminate dependency on external consultant involvement. However, the majority of SMEs still feel that they must have an external party to keep them on track and to ‘keep them honest’ throughout their largely DIY implementation.

In such cases, we encourage the subscribing SME to engage and involve an authorised external consultant to act as their Pacemaker. Even then, the role of the external Pacemaker is pre-determined to reinforce the My Business Excellence methodology – and the number of Pacemaker days over each 2-year engagement is fixed at the minimum for effective implementation. In such cases, even the combined costs of the Portal subscription plus the external Pacemaker engagement are far less than the costs of a traditional consultant-led implementation of the same scope. The website contains a list of external Pacemakers that have been authorised to help.

My 10-Year Vision for Business Excellence

As a community, we will be able to double the number of SMEs actively applying the essentials of Business Excellence (from the dismal 1% in 2016 to at least 2%) and hence increase the contribution of the massive SME sector to global productivity growth!

Dr Mark Rehn - My Business Excellence FounderAbout Dr. Mark Rehn

Over the past 37 years Mark Rehn has worked with more than 1,000 SME / SMB clients helping them implement what the world now refers to as “Business Excellence” techniques.

For two decades he has been a regular guest speaker on how best to implement Business Excellence at the Mt Eliza Centre for Executive Education, with the international network of CEOs known as The Executive Connection (TEC) and more recently with the Leadership Thinktank and The CEO Institute.

Mark has been awarded TEC’s Speaker of the Year several times and has won the Mick Robertson Award for delivering the most value to participating businesses.

In spite of his personal successes as a high profile speaker and consultant, Mark remains frustrated over the inability of the global management consulting profession to help SME clients reap the benefits of business excellence at reasonable cost.

He envisages a world where the CEO has an entire business system that just works, with strategic plans being delivered in full and improving business performance being tracked visually every month against the right key performance indicators. And continuous process improvements in the business yielding massive net savings.

Mark enjoys seeing his clients apply his proven techniques and achieving results far in excess of their expectations.

His entire consulting methodology has been implemented in great detail and made it available as My Business Excellence – a commercial, on-line platform with the lowest possible subscription cost.

Mark’s vision is to effect a substantial increase in the current poor 1% or so of SMEs reaping the immense net benefits of these exciting, proven techniques.

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