Can we apply the same My Business Excellence approach to a large SME business with multiple profit centres?

Yes you can.

However, you will need to subscribe separately for each one when the time comes, and follow exactly the same implementation sequence and use of the Portal as for your SME as a whole.

Your 1-page Process Models for the individual Profit Centres and for the whole SME will of course need to have appropriate shared content.

Similarly, the 1-page Strategic Plans for the Profit Centres will need to be properly ‘cascaded’ from the 1-page Strategic Plan for the whole SME. This is the strongest argument for first applying the approach to the SME as a whole, followed by each of your separate Profit Centres.

All KPIs for the whole SME and for each Profit Centre will also need to be carefully selected for appropriate compatibility.

It will be up to the CEO to ensure that everything developed is mutually compatible – and is maintained that way over time.

If your SME is comprised of multiple businesses, then this file MBE Role Descriptions for key part-time participants of a multi-business corporation v1.5 should help clarify the key part-time roles with respect to the MBE approach.