Key Points…

  1. Knowledge Capture & Leverage is a relatively new inclusion in the five big Prerequisites for business excellence, having been added in only the last 40 years or so.
  2. There have been three main driving forces for its recent inclusion as a major competitive advantage, namely Technological Change; Globalisation; More Mobile Workforces.
  3. Knowledge Capture & Leverage is often termed ‘Knowledge Management’ in the literature.
  4. The organisation’s Quality Assurance (QA) System progressively becomes its Knowledge Management system as knowledge flows get overlaid on top of the process flows from Prerequisite #2: Process Design & Improvement.
  5. Use of low cost SmartDrawTM software can be used to build the joint QA System and Knowledge Management System for an SME / SMB – although more capable software such as XSOL is available at significantly greater cost.
  6. The upshot is that the recommended techniques in the Portal minimise the effort needed to build a powerful Knowledge Management System.
  7. Detailed instructions for how to do everything for this Prerequisite are included in the Portal.