Key Points…

  1. Leadership (emotional) and Management (clinical) are both necessary to effect change.
  2. By the time your people have worked through the previous four Prerequisites for business excellence, they will already be well versed in sound team-based techniques for leading and managing change across the entire business.
  3. By building on the common language and techniques of the previous Prerequisites, the additional elements required to reinforce the continuous improvement culture are explained.
  4. Special attention is devoted to addressing the leadership and management needs of Professional Service firms, including reference to flawless consulting skills.
  5. Some organisations require insights into how best to licence their proprietary technology, and reference is made to one of the best available sources of such advice.
  6. A key aspect of leading and managing change for many SMEs / SMBs is determining how best to configure their future IT systems.
  7. The planned Enterprise Architecture for IT systems needs to be aligned to all 5 Prerequisites for business excellence for optimum business performance.
  8. In particular, every IT system must be configured to support the business requirements embodied in the organisation’s Key Processes (and sub-processes) of the 1-page Process Model.
  9. Detailed instructions for how to do everything for this Prerequisite are included in the Portal.