Key Points…

  1. Business excellence means being the best your organisation can possibly be.
  2. The standard big business approach to business excellence implementation is not effective for SMEs / SMBs.
  3. Simple language and a simple methodology are both essential to sequence and link all 5 Prerequisites for Business Excellence.
  4. A customer-focused 1-page Process Model of the organisation’s Key Processes is used to run the business through monthly process monitoring and targeted process improvements.
  5. A customer-focused 1-page Strategic Plan is used to change the business over 3 years by implementing Actions for each strategic Objective and by monitoring progress monthly.
  6. Within the first 12 months, the application of simple process improvement techniques generates ‘quick wins’ with substantial net savings.
  7. Knowledge flows are linked simply and graphically to Process flows using simple, low cost software.
  8. A continuous improvement culture is developed progressively by implementing all 5 Prerequisites in order.
  9. The on-line Portal provides all ‘How To’ instructions as well as a complete Management Information System for regular updating and reporting of progress.
  10. Business excellence techniques collectively and progressively become the normal way of doing things across the entire business.
  11. The approach is a big win for Customers, Employees and for Shareholders.