Key Points…

  1. Automatically draws on the KPIs for strategic Objectives and for Key Processes already specified in Prerequisite #1: Shared Strategic Direction.
  2. Secure on-line access makes it easy to input the actual data every month for each strategic Objective KPI and for each Key Process KPI.
  3. The Portal automatically scales and graphs a Year-To-Date summary for every KPI.
  4. For each Action required to fulfil each strategic Objective, low cost SmartDrawTM software produces a monthly graphical snapshot of the current progress relative to the schedule for achievement of that Objective.
  5. Reflecting the principle that “You get what you measure”, the organisation is kept honest by the Portal’s in-built Management Information System reporting every month on overall progress made towards business excellence.
  6. Detailed instructions for how to do everything for this Prerequisite are included in the Portal.