Key Points…

  1. A structured approach to process design and improvement has been recognised for 90 years as a core prerequisite for business excellence – because all work is done through processes.
  2. Process improvement results in improved customer satisfaction, better work-life balance for employees, and tremendous net financial benefits.
  3. Assigned and willing individuals are held accountable for improving each agreed Key Process of the business identified in Prerequisite #1: Shared Strategic Direction.
  4. Every year, many team-based small Fast Process Improvement projects are completed, together with 1-2 team-based large Business Process Reengineering projects.
  5. Via simple Quality Assurance steps undertaken by each process improvement team, every process improvement becomes permanent.
  6. The massive net savings achieved through these process improvement projects are accumulated for comparison with the organisation’s up-front forecast of Net Benefits based on halving the organisation’s COPQ over 5 years.
  7. The process flows resulting from this Prerequisite lay the foundation for the knowledge flows that will result from Prerequisite #4: Knowledge Capture & Leverage.
  8. Low cost SmartDrawTM software is now available to link process flows and knowledge flows graphically, forming the basis of the organisation’s Quality Management System for ‘available on demand’ training and retraining of all employees.
  9. Detailed instructions for how to do everything for this Prerequisite are included in the Portal.