Key Points…

  1. For the organisation to be the best it can possibly be, every employee needs to make day-to-day decisions consistent with the business strategy.
  2. This must therefore be the first Prerequisite for business excellence and sets up the linkages for the remaining four Prerequisites.
  3. A clinical ROLE description of the business plus all associated Key Business Processes and Key Support Processes required to run the business are developed on 1 graphical page.
  4. A bold but achievable long-term VISION for the business plus all associated strategic Objectives (≤ 7) required to change the business over 3 years are developed on 1 graphical page.
  5. The 4 ‘Balanced Scorecard’ layers are used to develop the organisation’s strategic Objectives in the right (top down) order.
  6. Actions are generated for each Strategic Objective, complete with clear (personal) accountabilities and timing over the 3-year planning period.
  7. Simple and clear mechanisms are used to get the whole organisation to buy-into the inaugural version and subsequent updates of the 3-year Strategic Plan.
  8. The structure of the 3-year Strategic Plan enables crucial linkages to the remaining 4 Prerequisites.
  9. The secure on-line Portal is configured and progressively populated to become the complete Management Information System for the entire business – reviewed and updated every month.
  10. Detailed instructions for how to do everything for this Prerequisite are included in the Portal.