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All SMEs Should be Striving for Excellence

But they face a few problems…

Consultant led initiatives are expensive

SMEs have limited time and resources for change

Supporting IT infrastructure is also expensive

Until now there has been no practical ‘how to’ guide

The MBE Platform has everything you need to implement Business Excellence in your SME at a fraction of the cost of consultant led approaches.

Facilitation Guides

Facilitation is a critical element for the various workshops featured in our MBE approach. We take the guesswork out of how best to run each workshop by providing detailed, step-by-step instructions to deliver each workshop perfectly within the prescribed time frames. These are the same facilitation guides we ourselves use when we facilitate the various MBE workshops for our clients.


Capturing information during workshops and meetings is critical to the success of the MBE approach. We provided embedded form templates as well as digital forms for:


  • Project Briefs for quarterly Fast Process Improvement projects, top down Business Process Reengineering projects and quarterly Standard projects
  • Agenda and Minutes for monthly Progress Review Meetings
  • Agenda and Minutes for quarterly Planning Meetings
  • Calculating and tracking the cumulative net benefits for all process improvement projects

Key Process Dashboard

Monitor the health and accountability for each Key Process of the business via a digital version of your 1-page Process Model.

Strategic Objective Dashboard

Track progress for each strategic Objective and their related quarterly projects via a digital version of your 1-page Strategic Plan.

KPI Reporting

Easily review the health of your operations plus progress towards your strategic Objectives with your management team. All KPI data is available in a graphical form that highlights emerging trends and triggers corrective action when needed. These reports for your company’s high-level KPIs are readily reviewed by the management team at each quarterly Planning Meeting.

Drill down into the detail and track the KPIs for individual quarterly and longer term Projects. These reports are reviewed by the management team at each monthly Progress Review Meeting.

While there are numerous change and project management tools on the market that can be configured to manage the various kinds of projects required by our MBE approach, we recognise that many businesses don’t have the time or resources to manage this process.

The MBE Platform has turnkey project management software specifically designed to manage process improvement projects using the PDCA Cycle + Wedge model that underpins our approach. Furthermore, this project management software can…

  • Link each Project to its correct Key Process in your 1-page Process Model
  • Link the QA ‘Wedge’ documentation generated as part of each Business Process Reengineering and Fast Process Improvement Project to your internal process catalogue available within the MBE Platform
  • Track the Net Benefits for each Project and accumulate them over time to track your return on investment while implementing the MBE approach

Enable your people to progressively build your company’s complete process catalogue in easy-to-navigate, hierarchical form. The MBE Platform also enables your people to link important business reference documents (i.e., “how to” knowledge) to the relevant process steps at any level. Finally, our QMS functionality provides fast access to all current Fast Process Improvement and Business Process Reengineering projects associated with each Key Process.

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