Theory and practice for excellence in business

This long awaited book by Mark Rehn and Mark James is now available here. It contains detailed HOW TO instructions for full implementation of excellence and is designed for small to medium businesses and management consultants alike. We wrote the book because the traditional approach to implementation in SMEs / SMBs facilitated by external management consultants is flawed and way beyond the resource capability of the vast majority of these businesses.

As a result, only about 1 percent of SMEs / SMBs are actively pursuing operational plus strategic excellence simultaneously and reaping the immense net benefits. It’s time to change that with the practical, low cost approach presented in this book. Depending on your current internal capabilities, you can choose to engage the right level of support for your transformational journey towards true business excellence and world class performance.

The book provides copious examples and case studies to illustrate various aspects of the implementation methodology. For the first time, the techniques needed to fully integrate the five big Prerequisites for excellence are described in detail. With Customer Focus throughout, the five Prerequisites for every business are as follows…

  • Process Design and Improvement – often referred to as ‘process management’
  • Shared Strategic Direction – often referred to as ‘strategic planning and execution’
  • Performance Measurement and Feedback – often referred to as ‘performance management’
  • Knowledge Capture and Leverage – often referred to as ‘knowledge management’
  • Leadership and Management of Change – essential for all the above

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