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The Steps To Implement Business Excellence In Your SME

The My Business Excellence Framework for Business Excellence is a simplified framework explicitly designed for the SME business. It incorporates five core prerequisites that any SME business must be on top off if they wish to build a high performing business. Download a copy of our eBook to the right of this article if you want further information on these five prerequisites.

The Problem
How do we get from the 5 Prerequisites to an actionable plan?

For most SME business CEOs and their employees, almost all your time is spent IN the business. […]

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Definition of Operational Excellence

Operational excellence (sometimes referred to as Business Excellence), is a methodology for building a desirable result throughout an organisation’s processes and is an integral part of organisational leadership and organisational intelligence. If you want to take your business’s productivity to new heights, you'll want to implement a strategy for operational excellence.

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Operational Excellence For Small & Medium Businesses

Market penetration of Operational Excellence approaches (or Business Excellence) in the huge SMB/SME sector of the economy is less than about 1 percent. It’s time to change that.

We need to change the way we implement operational excellence in Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs). SMEs are NOT just small versions of big businesses. They require a simpler, faster and lower cost way of implementing excellence.

The standard big business approach of engaging a team of consultants to facilitate comprehensive implementation is not financially feasible for most SMBs. Largely as a result, […]

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How best to implement Business Excellence in an SMB/SME

When it comes to implementing business excellence, SMBs are not just small versions of large businesses. They require a much simpler and more direct ‘hands-on’ way of implementing excellence for maximum return on investment.

The traditional large company approach of engaging external management consultants to facilitate comprehensive implementation is simply not feasible for most SMBs. And so it is not surprising that less than about 1% of SMBs globally are following that traditional expensive route. Unfortunately, the remaining 99% are not realising the immense Net benefits of properly implementing business […]

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My Business Excellence Joins SME Association of Australia empowering SMEs

We are delighted to announce our recent membership as a Premium Member of the SMEA – SME Association of Australia – an excellent organisation focused on empowering SMEs.

The SMEA was founded in 2011 by business owners for business owners. It’s Vision – “Prosperity for Australia through empowering SMEs”.

As a Premium Member, My Business Excellence will contribute guest articles to the SMEA blog. Dr Mark Rehn’s first article entitled “Radically Changing SMEs with Future Forward Business Excellence” is now published there.

Our Shared Vision for Empowering SMEs
The reason we are excited […]

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Keeping your Strategic Plan current

Any strategic plan can quickly become out of date as business circumstances change. For this reason, many pundits suggest that strategic planning is dead. But they are dead wrong!

Sound strategic planning is essential to the success of every business. It is the vehicle for determining which market segments to play in and how to win in those segments. It also enables the resultant set of strategic objectives to be translated into concrete short term actions for the accountable staff.

So how can the plan – which might have been great […]

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Free eBook: The 5 Master Steps to Excellence in business

Free eBook: “The 5 Master Steps” sets out the prerequisites for successful implementation of Business Excellence in an SME
The 5 Master Steps of our free eBook are…

Shared Strategic Direction (everyone pulling the rope in the same direction)
Process Design & Improvement (probably the best investment you’ll ever make)
Performance Measurement & Feedback (getting what you measure – so measuring the right things)
Knowledge Capture & Leverage (further accelerating process improvements)
Leadership & Management of Change (keeping everyone engaged)

 Thought for the day: Excellence is not compulsory – but you can’t achieve greatness without it!

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Business Excellence Tools for SMEs / SMBs

The 3 Categories of Business Excellence Tools

Business Excellence tools for SMEs / SMBs are explained in 3 categories. First be clear on the desired outcome for your business and then choose carefully for most value.

Some tools may be regarded as significant business improvement initiatives, including Lean Management, Six Sigma, Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Balanced Scorecard, Quality Management Systems (QMSs), Total Quality Management (TQM) and Performance Benchmarking.  All of these major tools are sub-sets of Business Excellence and so they qualify as Business Excellence tools.
A few tools are now available to enable Business Excellence as […]

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How quickly can an SME / SMB implement Business Excellence?

Implement Business Excellence 3 times faster than traditional approaches
Provided an SME / SMB undertakes the recommended implementation steps within all 5 Prerequisites in the right sequence, the foundation for ongoing and ever-improving Business Excellence capability can be built within 1-2 years. It’s simple and costs little. And even within that first year, the quantified benefits will far exceed the costs. What’s not to like?

Once CEOs realise that this tremendous competitive advantage is well within their grasp at low cost, the percentage of total SMEs embarking on their own business excellence journey […]

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Pacemaker Support for CEO Implementing Business Excellence

As part of my preliminary market research several years ago, I asked a focus group of CEOs whether they would appreciate having online access to a complete set of detailed instructions and support tools for DIY implementation of Business Excellence. (It should be noted that every one of these CEOs was already familiar with my advocated approach for SMEs / SMBs.)
Pacemaker Role: A concept whose time has come
Their response was uniformly positive – but with one major reservation. Several CEOs declared that they would not commit to a full DIY course of […]

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