There are 5 Prerequisites for successful implementation of Business Excellence in any SME / SMB

With Customer Delight throughout, the Prerequisites are…

  • Process Design & Improvement (probably the best investment you’ll ever make)
  • Shared Strategic Direction (everyone pulling the rope in the same direction)
  • Performance Measurement & Feedback (getting what you measure – so measuring the right things)
  • Knowledge Capture & Leverage (further accelerating process improvements)
  • Leadership & Management of Change (keeping everyone engaged)

The book ‘GOING ALL IN – How To Implement Excellence In Your Business’ was published in January 2020. Details of how to go about building all 5 prerequisites in the right sequence and keeping them totally integrated with respect to each other are presented in the book. You can obtain your copy by clicking here.

 Thought for the day: Excellence is not compulsory – but you can’t achieve greatness without it!

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