Prior to codifying this approach for low cost online access with consulting support, hundreds of our clients realised the substantial net benefits of the consulting assistance to varying degrees. The greatest benefits flowed to those who implemented all five Prerequisites for business excellence and hence transformed the way they do things.

For example, Intrepid Travel’s Founder Darrel Wade says “It was big, grunty stuff and was part of the scaling that has helped the business go from 500 travellers per annum to 350,000. It has completely changed the way we do things at Intrepid, and we are far more efficient and profitable as a result.”

And Craig Musson, Managing Director at WAFEX, says: “One of the best business decisions we have made, it has enabled our company to achieve significant improvements across a range of different areas. My Business Excellence has far exceeded our expectations and very quickly paid for our investment.”

Since the launch of the website, multiple SMEs / SMBs have participated in this low cost alternative to traditional consulting assistance and have commenced their implementations. Most are in their Year 1 and some have entered their Year 2.

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