Probably not.

The intent is to work with your existing people and have them work up to 5% of their time on average working ON the business (via these techniques) and 95% of their time working IN the business. The return on the 5% investment of their time will be substantial for the business and also for their work-life balance because it makes their jobs easier. (Bear in mind that right now your people are probably spending at least 5% of their work time ‘fighting fires’ as a result of NOT having business excellence capability.)

However, you may wish to consider adding one new staff member to be the Process Manager for the Key Support Process: ‘Design & Improve Processes’ plus (same person!) for the Key Support Process: ‘Capture & Leverage Knowledge’. This should be considered only if no existing employee is keen or capable to take on this critical part-time role which will progressively build to 40-50% of his / her time. For a larger SME / SMB (say >250 employees), this may become a full-time role. Read More>